Digital Proposal


To resolve outstanding issues whilst improving SEO, UX, CRO & implementing best practices for maximising e-Commerce & Digital Marketing strategies.

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Initial Focus

There are some basics that need to be covered so that you can understand how the site is performing and how users interact with your website. Using the existing Trello board we can also work through your list making amends & additions.


Use Semrush, Moz, & GSC to conduct a site audit focusing on health, errors, and warnings. Findings will be added to Trello with a list of tasks to be completed.


Create GA4 & GSC accounts & access and connect to website using SiteKit. Invite required employees to the account.


Install & configure an on-site SEO Plugin that will help to advise on the structure & quality of the content across the website. 

From Your Trello Board

Resolve SEO: check geographical | Fix Google Search Meta | Investigate Site Speed

Time Required To Complete Above Tasks

1 Day

Moving Forward

  • Prioritise findings from Site Audit & set tasks / timescales with an indication of what the work entails, the reason, and the future benefits.
  • Add Meta Data to all pages, posts, products & categories to improve Organic Search Results.
  • Improve site search functionality & introduce Menu Dropdowns.
  • Improve site speed.
  • Improve UX.
  • Research competitors online presence, share findings and help with strategy to increase market share.
  • Consider a retheme to improve look & feel, whilst removing the weight of the existing theme.
  • Help to teach best practices for e-Commerce going forward.

Recommended Approach

There’s a considerable amount of technical improvements required to the existing setup to get the website healthy & happy. I would suggest a focus is placed on technical improvements as these are imperative for long-term growth.

This would lead to improving the site functionality, bringing in new categories such as ‘Brands’, improving the search function with the improved metadata feeding the site search.

Tools such as Hotjar should be introduced to monitor user activity and you to determine what front-end changes need to be completed to improve user engagement rates.

I would recommend that for the first 4-6 weeks that 2 full days per week are committed to the website, at which point 1 full day per week should be enough to provide insights, recommendations, and to continue working with you to deliver your goals.

Pricing Structure

I’m happy to work to a model that you’re comfortable with, whether that be a daily / weekly rate, or by bundling tasks into projects and quoting accordingly.

Hourly Rate


Per Hour

1 Day Per Week


Per Day

2 Days Per Week


Per Day

Project Cost


Per Agreed Project